A Tribute To The Music of Steely Dan

Denver’s own My Old School is the culmination of the efforts of a group of sleek musicians who feel a close affinity to the massive musical legacy that is Steely Dan – Walter Becker and Donald Fagen applied jazz sensibilities to popular music like no one else in the history of pop.  As a group with credentials toward serious chopsmanship and an intellectually insurgent attitude, Steely Dan remains widely adored and all too scarcely imitated.  My Old School goes deep into the Steely Dan repertoire – with dazzlingly brilliant solo work, astonishingly rich vocal and horn section harmonies, and powerfully tight, irresistible grooves, our faithful tribute will take you back and ‘Do It Again’, reliving a unique collaboration in pop music history.




  • Style: A Tribute To The Music of Steely Dan”

  • Instrumentation For 11 Piece: Drums, Bass, Guitar,
    Keyboard, 2 Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Bari Saxophone
    1 Male Vocalist, 2 Female Vocalist
  • Amazing show production
  • Length Of Show:  Up to 3 Hours
  • Top Notch and professional service throughout your event planning
My Old School Band – Repertoire
  1. Aja
  2. Dirty Work
  3. Home at Last
  4. Pretzel Logic
  5. Do It Again
  6. I Got the News
  7. Reelin’ In the Years
  8. Babylon Sisters
  9. Doctor Wu
  10. Josie
  11. Rikki Don’t Lose That Number
  12. Bad Sneakers
  13. Don’t Take Me Alive
  14. Kid Charlemagne
  15. Sign In Stranger
  16. Black Cow
  17. FM
  18. The Caves of Altamira
  19. Black Friday
  20. Here at the Western World
  21. My Old School
  22. The Fez
  23. Bodhisattva
  24. Night by Night
  25. Time Out Of Mind
  26. Chain Lightning
  27. Green Earrings
  28. Deacon Blues
  29. Hey Nineteen
  30. Peg
  31. Cousin Dupree
  32. Parker’s Band
  33. IGY (Fagen)
  34. Any Major Dude
  35. Third World Man
  36. Gaslighting Abbie
  37. Rose Darling
  38. Glamour Profession
  39. Charlie Freak
  40. Monkey in Your Soul
  41. Walk Between the Raindrops (Fagen)
  42. Your Gold Teeth II
  43. Razor Boy
  44. Godwhacker
  45. Second Arrangement
  46. Barrytown


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