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Please join us this Friday at 11am Eastern US time. We will be discussing version 5. Please join us this Friday at 11am Eastern US time for a webinar featuring a case study on virtualization. If updating from 5. Apologies for this inconvenience, but you may update manually from the Support page on this website. The majority of installations are bit; only use the bit option if you This is much more than a face-lift. Big thanks to Aaron Esterling for his design advice!

Make sure your PC Apologies to those who have been trying to reach us by email the last couple of days. Issues with our email server have forced us to migrate over to a new system and that is now in progress.

We expect this to completed by the After recent and continued negative feedback, we need to emphasize that this website is the one and only official Blue Iris website. So my pc crashed, I am playing now on my old laptop and still have the sims base game. I downloaded the updater and it seem my windows operating system is to old for the updater. Except for downloading torrent is there other way to just update my sims game without downloading the huge giant file?

In Windows 7 you can only use the Legacy Edition. I managed to load the whole sims 4 collection. Yeah I downloaded the all in one. And windows 7 is handling it very well.

How can i prevent it from downloading the update plus 51 DLC. I just wanted to ask, it safe to open the game online? Yes, it is safe but see this page. Click offline, the option is there just in case you want to have the option to use the gallery. Clicking offline will send directly to the game.

Changed to Chinese Traidional but is not completely patched. There is still partial Simplied Chinese in the game. So hey! Everything was great has access to the stuff and all except when I try to access the world. It took a long time to load — without actually loading.

I have to restart or went back to main menu to play again, and the world is still unaccessible. I wanna ask there instead for easy solution. Is your Windows bits?

You need the Legacy Edition. Eksik veya bozuk api-ms-win-core-path-l SFC, api-ms-win-core-path-l Not: Bu tarama biraz zaman alabilir. So after updating the game i cannot load any of my saves. The game was running just fine before i updated it with the software. Is there any way to fix it?? When the game runs OK then it definitely. ISO version of the game. As an example: When you downloaded an all-in-one in ISO format, you must copy the contents of the mounted iso to f.

Then browse the Updater to that folder. What can I do to fix that? I got all the new objects from the dlc, but the new map did not show. Hi does reshade work? I guess it might be released later today or tomorrow, just keep refreshing this page untill the newest version of the updater is available. Have had the same problem. I manually deleted the file, downloaded the reset folder permissions and let it run administrator, and disabled all of my anti viruses but it still shows up.

This means there was another patch after the 1. The patch 1. The map is inactive if you do not own the DLC. The bottom line is wait for the correct update. If you download version 1. I juste used the updater for My Wedding Stories, had to delete some files by myself but i ran the game and it works well! I had a critical error with the toggler maybe due to my firewall , but I deleted it myself and tried again with the uploader and it worked!

Then everything works, and there is no error. Hey, when i play, i cant play existing sims or create new ones after using the updater? Is it possible to keep the older version available to use, i have only win 7 i cannot have 10 right now and i still need to repair my game.

I need also to install my other dlc, i was intend to reinstall everything with my legit version but now i cannot anymore.

Please, keep the older version like 5. Its dosent matter if its not updating for the 1. Have you already tried to re-download the updater? Thank you so so much! This worked like a charm! Hey i got ts4 from anadius, which i downloaded but it didnt install into my laptop, but i can still play the game not sure how it works,but it does , so that means this update is not working for me.

And i would like to ask for help, because i would rather to have it installed tho. More like for these updates and so. Just thinking about buying all these games. Click on the up-arrow and you see the installation folder. That is correct. When you want to install the base game you must use the Repair option and not the Update.

I downloaded new version of the updater 0. The previous versions of the updater worked fine. Download the language changer. Do you have any ideas or suggestions of what should I do?

Your help will much be appreciated! Anyone else have this issue? Was playing fine, accessing the gallery and all. My game is fully cracked and I have all the updates. I think it is caused by the unexpected delay of Wedding Stories postponed to 23rd of February now. The release of Wedding Stories is postponed to 23rd of February. Reason is some problems with the Russian version about marriages with couples of the same gender.

Hey why the new version is not working? Salut pourquoi la nouvelle version ne marche pas chez moi? You downloaded the Updater You extracted the download updater with Winrar or 7-zip So you have a folder now and you can open that folder Copy that entire folder to a drive on your computer, like C or D or simply to your desktop. When done, click on the file updater inside the folder to start.

Yes when you use the repair option in the updater it will alo load the base game. You can also add the base game only, see this page In case you have nothing at all of the Sims 4, the all-in-one is the best solution.

How can i delete some packs? Is your computer slow with other programs or is it only The Sims 4? May you please resend it. This happened for me as well what I did was browse to the bin folder where the sims 4 executable was located and was able to update just fine after that. When you have a legal game you can use THIS. The uodater is from Anadius. Just tried it on an older The Sims 4 folder and it updated perfectly. I keep getting the missing.

When the file update exists in the Updater it means that the data in that file have not yet been transferred to your installation folder. Run the Updater again, when successful the folder update will be removed. Then run the Sims 4 again. Better now? But nothing works, idk what to do. The toggler does not function in a legal game for reason that it is based on the crack Anadius, Reloaded or Codex. The legal game has no crack. If you really want the toggler then run the Anadius Updater, browse to your legal game and answer this question with yes.

This creates an additional folder Game Game-cracked inside the directory of your legal game. So you have 2 folders Game Game-cracked and Game. I had a problem several times were my attempts to update ended with an error.

Is there any way to resolve this? Everytime i lunch the anadius sims 4 the game glitches and goes into a not responding mode. It even does that for the anadius site. I belive that this new updater with out codex is not going to work, Is there anything that i can do to get my game working. Everytime I use the updater it says that delta is not installed.

Can you tell me what I need to do? When it is xdelta all I can suggest is: 1. Delete your present folder of the Updater 2. Download the Updater again — extract with Winrar by choosing extract to Sims 4 Updater 0. From the extracted folder Simsupdater When prompted about a new version available click no. Ok so it worked, it said successfully updated, i just dont know where it is. I clicked repair first because i do not have the base game. Everytime I use the updater it says that delta is not installed redownload the updater, extract it and do not delete any files.

The folder xdelta should be present in the Updater see image. I only have the version 1. My game version is 1. I always get an internet connection error after downloading mb of the update 1.

The updater uses a server with pretty limited capacity. All calculations and downloads go via this server. Also items in the Updater require a special extraction program UnRAR not Winrar, 7-zip or others which allows users to extract files on line.

I think that errors like this are the reason why so many people download our all-in-one torrent. Method 3. Is method 3 for downloading the whole game not updating it!? If yes,i already have the game i just want to update, but the updater still gives me an internet error,is there i way i can update the game manually!? Hello and thank you! I have the legal game and I have followed every step however the donwload stopped at the very last second and told me that there was an internet error and I should try again.

After extraction of the downloaded unlocker run setup as an administrator. Do not open that folder, just select it. Hello I just wanted to say that I did it!!!! I had to manually copy all the folders in the legal game folder but now I have them!!! Thank youuuuuuuuuu. How do I remove a dlc after downloading if I dont want it and want to create more space?

Since there is no way to go through origin to do it with this downloaded version of the game. Not very good at this stuff haha would appreciate help! I cant find the dlc- uninstaller, do you know how I find it? And I did delete it from my installation folder at least the folder that is the sims 4 anadius repack folder not sure if its the right one but the dlc is still in the game and I cant seem to find any other file related to the specific dlc.

Sorry if Im being really dumb but I cant seem to figure it out. You can find the dlc-toggler incl. You can find that folder by right-clicking on the shortcut on your desktop, select open file location. Navigate up to the actual file location The Sims 4. Now try your game again. Thanks for replying! Download the latest folder Game From your installation folder delete the folder Game Extract the downloaded folder Game with winrar and copy this extracted folder Game to your installation folder.

The above method will eliminate the OrangeEmu I have everything that I believe to need installed the DLCs, the unlocker, etc. I finally got to the point where they all said owned and I was ready to play! I made my sim and then went into build mode and none of the packs are loading. I either see? I restarted my game and computer also I did repair and ran the unlocker again just to be sure it was still working.

When you see lamas it could be an indication that you are using outdated mods. Are you still seeing lamas? Hi there! So i speeches the comment section for a solution.

Browse the updater to the folder of your legal game When prompted about a legit game, answer with YES When the updater has finished run the DLC Unlocker — see this page Now start your legal game via Origin. I greatly appreciate your response!

I did download all the DLCs to my legit game file. I checked the config file and everything was listed as on that page. I have a question, how can I safely update my sims game without my mods fillies getting corrupted every time I do it?

Every time you update your game Electronic Arts will try and disrupt outdated mods. You must update such mods via the maker. As long as the updater is not copying files to your installation folder you can close the updater. Downloaded files are stored in the folder Update in the actual Updater.

When you delete the folder Update from the Updater all temp. Hello, in my games it says I own the packs but I cant play my saves because it says I dont own the packs. I restarted the game and still nothing. I have the original Sims 4 base game. Help please! Everything else is intact, what do I do? This is super frustrating. When I try to un the game now it says anadius So the game repair is still running but I went to my regular Sims 4 folder where I kept the anadius repack file and opened the readme.

Hi, i tried to download but i colud. Can you help me? What should I do next? Should I download the update from the updater again?

Thanks in advance. What happened to the website on Dec 21? Chrome kept blocking it and preventing me to go to the Updater site? Proved to be a false-positive warning. Download the latest folder Game and then run the updater again. Depends on what system you use. With the pack system adding a new DLC is enough. All other update systems require the Updater.

Every time i update DLCs and try to start, legit version of base — delux game the game freezes within 30 seconds or if i skip the opening credits I tried to repair the program and its able to complete, but still does not work.

The toggler does not work for your legal game because there is no crack involved. Consequently the toggler cannot find it. You seemingly will loose all your own Sims and houses. No longer freezing?. I fear that when you also copy back the folder Mods your problem with freezing will be there again.

So the problem is mods-related. When you start your game with a shortcut on your desktop, right-click on the shortcut and select something like Open file location. So go up and manoeuvre to the installation folder where you can find folders like Install, Data, Delta aso.

When you mean the installation file of the Updater, download the Updater, extract the download with Winrar and run Updater. I have the legal base game and installed all of the DLCs, repaired the game and still, whenever I open it, it says that the DLCs are not installed. Did I do something wrong? Apparently you did not properly run step 1 of this page. When i first started the updater it was 10GB and the it reached 2.

When you repeatedly get errors about When update is successful, you can delete the file from the directory of the updater. Thank you, it worked. But now it has updated and I did everything right, I even downloaded some new stuff packs from here but when I open my game it still shows me my old version. Why please? You probably did not extract or mount the downloads or you placed the incorrectly in the wrong folder.

Anadius, thank you so much for making these games available for free. I want to play TS4 but refuse to support EA because their greed has made the many of their game series worse. Does the Updater support the Sim Delivery Downloads or does it download it as an option when opening the Updater?

Mostly asking since I do not use the online version. I clicked Sims Delivery to download yet I received an error.

The Sims Express delivery does not work in cracked games although it states that you are up-to-date. Thank you so much for all your help! However, for some reason, the GP04 folder seems to be having some problems.

So I just gave up on the pack and stopped ticking the GP04 to allow the rest of the DLCs to download and the rest has been going pretty smoothly. Is there something wrong with the folder or is it something I did wrong during the extraction process?

Version 0. It keeps giving me an error every time I try extracting it. Never mind! It was winrar causing an issue. It finally extracted after trying it multiple times. Sorry about that. Can you still can update the game after the delivery update is out? Because I want to use this updater in the long term. I downloaded all the dlcs but when I play the sims game none of them are there. What am I doing wrong? Update your legal game via Origin or Steam. Eu vou ter que desinstalar o The Sims baixado e baixar tudo de novo?

I just wanted to know does this require internet connection even if I put the update manually? It seems to be downloading files after it check the update folder. I just updated my legit game so it has more dlcs that I dont own in it, but I have the Game folder and the Game-cracked in the same instalation folder, should I delete the original Game folder and run the cracked one or should I just play it in the origin app? Just leave the 2 Game folders Game and Game-cracked as they are.

No need to delete Game-cracked. I did it and I can play the game with the dlcs! To obtain access to the Gallery you must have at least a legal base game. The remid method seems to be blocked by EA. Use your old account for Island Living or try the Pack System. Help is much appreciated, thank you! Download and install the latest folder Game. I just got a brand new computer and downloaded my copy of sims 4 from origin.

Do I follow the same instructions with windows 11? Thank you so much for this!!!!!! No encuentro el archivo en la pagina de Vida en el pueblo para descargarlo que puedo hacer? Can anyone explain? Or maybe im doing something wrong updating, but every new pack comes in well. As you pre-ordered you apparently also have a legal base game Start your legal game via Origin.

Yes indeed. When you have many mods I suggest you copy them back in bunches of 10 and then try the game. I know it could take a lot of time. It depends on which installation folder you want to update, cracked or legal When you see this answer yes for your legit game and no for your cracked game. Hi Im newbie for this game and I have a question. When you have played the game before that folder still exists including your mods, otherwise it will be created when you play the game for the 1st time.

Most probably because your anti-virus destroyed the crack. Hi umm, i downloaded the updater and i wanted to download the Base Game pack and its about 26GB and it downloads but when it says check your internet connection and try again it works until the last 1. When you re-start the Updater it quickly checks the already downloaded items and continues downloading the remaining parts.

Never mind my question. What else do we need? We will help you uninstall it. As we all know that it is a type of illegal tool because piracy of any software is illegal. Here are some frequently asked questions that everyone wants to know. Just read this FAQ and if you have any other just ask it in the comments or by contacting us. There are several websites available that provide KMSPico to visitors but none of them is official.

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Is it permanent or my windows will automatically deactivate after some time? Do I need an Internet connection to Run it? Yes, an internet connection is required in the case to install a KMS server on your computer. This works offline too but the problem is your license will be expired within months.

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I only have the version 1.❿

The Sims 4: Update, repair, add DLC’s – Windows 10 download iso 64 bit with crack full version reddit free download

Yes, your anti-virus warns you for trojans inside the downloads. Hey I have http://replace.me/19870.txt same problem going on with my game I was trying to see if you ever got the answer to fix it or know how to fix it. I have a problem with my Sims 4. So, frse like we are gonna be coming out of this second lockdown as planned! Votre antivirus a mis en quarantaine le fichier anadius. Version: Toyota Techstream V Thanks for everything by the way.