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Microsoft office 2013 review latest features new look free

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For the most part, we like it! Microsoft added new features to all of them and made them work better как сообщается здесь touch-friendly Windows 8. Microsoft is trying something new this time. You have a couple of ways to buy the same software, Office That’s called the Home Premium version, and that’s the version we tested.

Or you can pay more to get a “perpetual license” and put it on one PC, the same as you’ve always done. Word can become an e-reader. Select “Read mode” and it removes the tool bars and lets you tab or swipe your way through a document.

It bookmarks your spot, too. Word is now video friendly. You can search for videos on the Web and YouTube via Microsoft’s search engine, Bing and add them to your documents without leaving Word. Word can also play embedded videos. Word now does really good job converting Microsoft office 2013 review latest features new look free into Word format.

You can open a PDF in Word or insert one or part of one into your document. Select the portion of the spreadsheet you want to work with and click on the little “analysis icon” that appears. It gives you formatting, charting and pivot table options. Microsoft has added a lot of new ways to work with numbers in a spreadsheet. There’s a couple dozen new functions, lots of them for engineering and trigonometry.

From PowerPoint, you can find and add photos from your albums on Facebook, Flickr, and other online services without having to first save them to your PC. The best feature in OneNote is still awesome: it syncs an audio or video to your typed or scribbled notes. If you record, say, a microsoft office 2013 review latest features new look free, you can hear what your professor was saying when you wrote down a particular sentence.

You have to buy Office to get it. Then either log out or sign in to a new SkyDrive account. Microsoft doesn’t give you the option of putting your files anywhere buy SkyDrive or a corporate SharePoint server. Want to use Box? Some other service? You microsoft office 2010 windows 10 download manually upload your files to another service, in addition to using SkyDrive but not instead of.

If you need more, it will cost you a few bucks a year. But we still found it frustrating to use with touch. It would interpret the same gesture in all kinds of ways except the way we wanted. We mostly gave up and used the mouse. We found many more things in this new package of software to delight and frustrate us, but overall, we liked it.

Microsoft bridged the worlds of узнать больше здесь software with PC software, even if it takes work to figure out how to take advantage of it all. Read next. Listen to The Refresh, Insider’s real-time news show. US Markets Loading H M S In the news. Julie Bort. Facebook Icon The letter F. Email icon An envelope. It indicates the ability to send an email. Share icon An curved arrow pointing right. Twitter icon A stylized bird with an open mouth, tweeting.

Twitter LinkedIn icon The word “in”. Ссылка Fliboard icon A stylized letter F.

Flipboard Facebook Icon The letter F. Facebook Email icon An envelope. Email Link icon An image of a chain link. It symobilizes a website link url. Copy Link. Word Read mode. Word Video heaven. Word PDF friendly. Excel Easier analysis. Excel New formulas and functions. PowerPoint Find pictures from Facebook. PowerPoint Better control during presentations.

OneNote Audio sync. Outlook Take notes. Outlook Touch friendly calendar. Things we hated: Account management. Things we hated: SkyDrive microsoft office 2013 review latest features new look free the highway. Things we hated: OneNote gestures. Many more.

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Microsoft Office review: Nice upgrades, but save your cash

This trial version is fully functional and there are no restrictions or feature limitations so you can enjoy it for 2 months and after that you’. Microsoft’s refreshed productivity suite sports a major design overhaul and seamless cloud integration—at a higher price. Office anywhere: The main functional improvements in Office come through Microsoft’s new “Office ” subscription service, which costs.


Microsoft office 2013 review latest features new look free

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